Monday, 7 March 2016

#2 Mindless Socks

I usually have two pairs of socks on the go at any given point in time...that is at LEAST two. I like a mindless sock using a funky patterned yarn and a complicated one, something that requires thought like cables or lace or a bit of both. The mindless one is great for TV knitting or when knitting with friends. The complicated one is great to keep your mind busy when your brain is in overload.

The second socks that were completed in 2016 were a pair that I started a whole year prior. I started these socks on January 28th of 2015 and finished them on January 29 of 2016.

A little side note of how I deal with my depression, I tend to start a lot of new projects. I'm so thankful for Ravelry for keeping track of my projects. I found an entire knitted lace shawl that I DO NOT remember starting, knitting, or completing. Looking back at the project page, I see that it was started just before my beautiful doggy died suddenly in February of last year so yup, I get it. That's why I don't remember. My life was a black cloud at that point. Even just typing that last sentence made me stop and find a tissue.

Back to the Mindless Socks. I absolutely love this colourway! I love blues and greens together, it reminds me of spring and summer. I've used Berroco Sox a couple of times and just love it! It's a durable yarn that keeps its colour even after repeated washings. I have another ball of this yarn; I'm thinking gloves or mittens.

Yarn: Berroco Sox
Colourway: 1477
Needle: 2.25 mm
Pattern: Just a basic sock, no pattern used
Completed: January 29, 2016

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